• Identity

  • Character & Leadership

  • Developing Healthy Relationships

  • Breaking the Performance mentality


In our core classes you will receive both solid and fiery teaching on the Biblical the Biblical Foundations of the ministry of worship and prayer. Get rooted in the "what?"and "why?" of worship as well as being inspired to live a life of intimacy with God and personal freedom.

Topics Include:

  • Intimacy with God

  • Lifestyle of Worship

  • Tabernacle of David

  • Freedom 

  • Missions & Worship



Dive into the practicals of worship leadership, musicianship and pioneering in the nations through a host of hands on workshops:


  • Song Writing

  • Nuts and Bolts of Worship Leading

  • Prophetic Worship Activation

  • Mixing Worship & Prayer

  • Individual Instrument Clinics

  • Singer Song Writer Performance

  • Music Theory

  • Band Dynamics

  • How to lead a rehearsal

  • Expanding and Growing Vocally

  • Cultivating Community in your team

  • Sound

*workshops vary according to location

  • Small Groups

  • Song Writing Collaboration

  • Outreach Teams

  • Worship teams


A massive part of your journey and experience at Hillside will be the connection you make with fellow students. You will expand your horizons as you learn together in small groups, worship teams, and outreach opportunities each week.


 Some things can't be taught they must be experienced. We don't just talk about worship we actually worship! Experiencing God is a massive part of our curriculum. Not only will you spend hours in worship, you will b ministered to and prophesied over by your teachers, fellow students and guest speakers.